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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to my class for the 2017-2018 school year! I am looking forward to working with you. There are several questions that usually arise with the beginning of a new educational year. Below, I have listed some common questions and answers to help guide you and your child to a wonderful year at Teasley Elementary School. 

 🕔  What are the school hours at Teasley?  

Students may enter the building at 7:20; however, school officially begins at 7:50 am.  If a child arrives after 7:45, he/she must get a tardy slip in the office before reporting to class.  School dismisses at 2:15 pm. Parents may not pick up their child from class early. The office will call for your student in the classroom.  Please remember that there will be no early dismissals after 1:30. All visitors must sign in at the office and obtain a visitor’s badge or sticker.

💲 How do I pay for lunch, field trips, or ASP? 

Lunch money can be prepaid in the cafeteria or paid on-line at MyPaymentPlus The cost of a student lunch is $2.35/daily and an adult lunch is $3.50.  The cost for breakfast is $1.50. 

All other money (besides ASP payments) should be sent in a white payment envelope with your child’s first and last name, teacher’s name, grade level, and what the money is intended for on the front. Your child will be responsible for dropping this envelope in the black drop box (located outside main office).

After School Program (ASP) is a prepaid program that needs to be paid using the gold payment envelope. Your child will be responsible for dropping this envelope in the black drop box (located outside the ASP office). Make sure you have filled out a registration form prior to the first day of school (July 31st).  A registration fee applies when signing your child up each new school year.

🍎  May my child bring a snack to class?

Your child may bring a healthy snack (cereal bar, pretzels, crackers, etc.) to class. We may have students in our class with peanut and tree nut allergies. Please do not send any snacks that may contain peanuts or tree nuts to school.  Remember to keep candy or snacks requiring utensils or refrigeration at home. If your child desires, he/she may bring a water bottle to school to have throughout the day.  Students are not to bring soda, Gatorade, juice, iced tea, coffee, etc. 

📓  What is the procedure for homework? 

Your child will be given daily homework assignments. I use homework as a preview of upcoming skills as well a review of skills we have learned in class. Your child may also be given long-range assignments such as book reports, research projects, and science and social studies assignments. Remember that homework is the responsibility of each child to complete and return to class. Your child will also have a reading log that he/she is responsible for each week. Students are responsible for reading and reading logs 5 days per week.  All other assignments for other subjects will be assigned for Monday-Thursday.  Students that miss work due to absences will be given time to make up assignments in class.  These assignments will not be sent home for homework.

🚌  How do I change the mode of transportation after school? 

Please be sure to indicate your child’s standard mode of transportation in the afternoons on the Student Information Sheet. If your child’s after school transportation changes for any reason, I must have written notification from you. I am not allowed to take emails for changes in transportation. This is for your child’s safety and protection.  If you have emergency transportation changes, please call Teasley’s front office.

💊  What if my child needs to take medication at school?

If your child needs to take any medication at school an adult must bring the medicine to the school nurse. The medication will be kept and administered by the nurse in the clinic.  Regular medication or Epi-pens require that Medication forms be filled out with the school nurse as soon as possible.

🤐  What do I do when my child is absent? 

If your child is absent from school, please send a note the day of return explaining why he/she was absent.  Your child will be responsible for any assignments missed due to absence.  Please refer to the Teasley handbook for further information. 

👋  How can I help you? 

We would love for every parent to help in the classroom.  However, we know that it’s impossible due to busy schedules and jobs. If you would like to help in any way, please fill out the volunteer portion of the information sheet.  Please remember that the administration has requested that when you come to volunteer that you sign in at the office to receive your volunteer/visitor sticker.  Please arrange care for all younger siblings prior to your visit.

🍰  How can we celebrate my child’s birthday?

If you would like to bring in special treats for your child’s birthday, it must be done during lunch time.  Please let us know if you are planning on doing this.  We will notify you of our lunch time and the number of students in our classroom.  I would like for those students that have summer birthdays to celebrate at a different time of the year with their peers.  Please remember that all treats must be nut-free and be purchased from a store.

If you would like to pass out invitations at school to your child’s birthday party, please give one to all students in our class or wait until a time after school to invited designated students.

📩  How can I best communicate with you? 

Please email me at us if you need to contact us for any reason. You may also fill out the Contact portion of this blog to get into contact with me.  The contact form will be sent directly to our school emails.  Please allow 24 hours or one school day for us to respond.

Agendas will also be a major source of communication this year. Each student will receive his/her agenda the first day of school. It is his/her responsibility to keep it up to date. Your child will write down the day’s assignments, homework, and important upcoming events. You may also communicate with me through the agenda if you wish. 

On Fridays your child will be bringing home graded papers. Please review the work with your child, sign the attached sheet in the folder, and return it to school by Friday. This will show us that you have seen what has been accomplished.  ParentVue is also an additional avenue for you to keep up with your child’s academic progress.  Please be sure to check this regularly.   In this manner, we will be in communication about your child’s weekly academic and behavioral performance. Along with the agenda, this folder can be used for communication between home and school.

Additional modes of communication:

Class Dojo (behavioral communication)

Remind Texts (reminders regarding tests, field trips, etc.)

Student/Parent Info Form (complete this online)

We look forward to working and learning with you and your child this year! Please contact us if you ever have a question or concern. We work best for your child when we work as a team!


Zandre Jean  and Meg Ahern

PS. – Please make sure your child brings a book from home for independent reading time on the first day of school.