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Students spoke about our fake “Cobb County Schedule Change”…  Here are the posts from our padlet.  Inappropriate comments were removed.

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Unit 2 Provocation – Cobb County Student Vote about School Day Schedule Change

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Cobb County is thinking about changing it’s school day. You could go to school from 10am – 5 pm or 6 am to 1 pm. Which is better for all students? Why?

Cast your vote and make your voice heard!  But don’t forget to tell WHY you voted for a certain time.



Clever Log in for Social Studies

Use Office 365 to log in.  Use your first name.last name to log in with the computer password that you always use.

Example:  zandre.jean

password:  123





This page is used for students to visit out teacher-approved websites for research, class projects, or enrichment.


Planets for Kids

Astronomy for Kids

National Geo Kids – Solar System

Kid Sites for the Solar System

Interactive Sites (all from

Earth, Sun, and Moon


Solar System

Earth’s Structure