Judges are needed…

Can you help judge Teasley’s Science Fair on Monday, January 22nd?  We’d love your help!  Sign up using the link below.  Find a time that works with your schedule!



STEM supplies needed!

Donations needed in STEM for some awesome challenges: metal brads (several boxes), size C and/or D batteries (LOTS – needed for flashlights), a roll of white butcher paper, and masking tape (several rolls).

Thank you,

Mrs. Dawson 

Calling All Judges! (and Ugly Sweaters)

The Teasley Science Fair is just around the corner and we need your help.  We are looking for parents who would like to judge science fair projects on Monday, January 22.  If you are interested in judging projects, please email Laura Kraftschik at laura.kraftschik@cobbk12.org for more information.

To celebrate the end of school for 2017 and the beginning of Winter Break, students will be allowed to wear an Ugly Sweater on Tuesday, December 19th if they would like.  Please make sure your child wears it with Standard School Attire on the bottom. Thank you and Happy Holidays!  Note:  Students that do not decide to wear a sweater should wear standard attire tops and bottoms.  No dress down on this day.)


Science Fair Proposal…

Teasley’s SCIENCE FAIR is coming…

Important Dates to Remember

Proposal Forms Extended Due Date: December 15, 2017(Pick these forms up outside of STEM or room 309)

Grades K-5: Project Boards are Due: Friday, January 19, 2018(to the Media Center)

Judging of Science Fair Projects: Monday, January 22, 2018

District Science Fair for Grades 3-5 1st place winners: February 10, 2018

Please contact Laura.kraftschik@cobbk12.org if you have any questions regarding the science fair.

For more information please visit  http://bit.ly/2yRsjrB


Updates, Events, Field Trips and More!

Barnes and Noble Night!  We are excited to announce our 3rd annual Barnes and Noble Night on Tuesday December 5th from 4:00-7:00pm!  Please join us for all of the fun!

  • Teach and administrator read-alouds
  • Gift wrapping by teachers
  • Chorus performance
  • Art Show

Barnes and Noble will donate a percentage of the sales to our school!  Please know that is you are unable to attend, you can still shop online with the Teasley Bookfair ID!  See the Attachment for more details!
Music Update

Hello Parents!!

Happy Recorder Playing!!!

REMINDER:  The last day to test any Recorder Karate Song is the next music day after the break.  That would be the week of November 27th-December 6th.  No exceptions will be made for students not testing on their music day.  I’m very proud of the kids getting their music learned and earning their belts.


Ms. Mungin

Science Fair Dates to Remember

  • Proposal Forms Due: December 11, 2017(Pick these forms up at STEM or room 309)
  • Grades 2-5: Project Boards are Due: Friday, January 19, 2018(to the Media Center)
  • Judging of Science Fair Projects: Monday, January 22, 2018
  • District Science Fair for Grades 3-5 winners : February 10, 2018

For more information click HERE

“Wonder” Fieldtrip

Please be sure to have your child’s fieldtrip form and payment turned in by Monday, December 4th.  The fieldtrip is on Thursday, December 7th.  Our class has two chaperones.  These are all the chaperones that our class may take.



Hello Parent’s,

Our Recorder Karate unit is coming to an end.  The last day to test any song is November 28th.

After this date student grades will calculated for report card grading.  After the 28th, students have not tested will receive a zero for incomplete testing.

Please take a minute tonight to check your child’s recorder folder.  If your child has alerts in their folder that have not been signed, please sign them tonight.  Academic Alerts will be sent home again for students who are in danger of failing music.  If you have any questions about grading, all procedures are outlined in the parent letter and rubric sent home at the beginning of the unit.  You can also check out the Recorder Karate link on my website, www.musicatteasley.org


Thanks for your attention and support in helping your child become a better musician.


What’s Going On?…

Teasley’s SCIENCE FAIR is coming… Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Grades 2-5: Projects are due on Friday, January 19th, 2018 (Media Center)
Projects will be judged on Monday, January 22nd and projects will be displayed in the media center for several weeks to follow! The top 3 students per grade level will be awarded with a 1st-3rd place ribbon. All remaining participants will earn a participation ribbon! The 1st place winner from grades 3-5 will be asked to bring their project to the District Science Fair. The district science fair will be on Saturday, February 10th at Kennesaw Mountain High School.
For more information, please visit  http://bit.ly/2yRsjrB for more information regarding the science fair and your grade level.

Attendance Matters…

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Coming to school every day on-time is a key ingredient to student success. The Teasley Attendance Team wants to reward those students who come to school ready to learn and on time every day. Any student who has perfect attendance through the end of the 2nd 9 weeks, Wednesday, December 20th, will receive recognition for their attendance. These students will receive a free dress down day, a special treat, and a brag tag for their bookbags. Students who have perfect attendance for the entire school year will be invited to a special celebration during the last week of school to praise their commitment to their education. Thank you for your support in getting your student to school every day! 

Holiday Hearts

It’s time again for the annual “Holiday Heart Program” at Teasley.  Each year our students, staff and community members support families in need during the holiday season.  We are asking you to buy gifts cards from places such as Wal-mart, Target, Publix, Kroger or QT in any denomination.  Please write the amount on the card. These cards will be shared with other Teasley families during the holidays.

Please place your gift card in an envelope marked “Holiday Hearts” and return it to Teasley by Wednesday, December 13th.  All gift cards should be placed in one of the black payment boxes or the safe.

Thank you for your support and generosity!

Tiger Trot Fundraiser! We’re almost there!!!

We’ve got 3 more days to donate.  Please consider donating just another $5 so that Teasley may meet it’s goal of $40, 000.  It’s going to be awesome to have a new turf field!!!  And it’s not too late to register!