Valentine’s Day Exchange and Other Reminders

Hi!  Wednesday is Valentines Day!  Our class will do an exchange.  Please have your child bring in a decorated box or bag to receive their Valentine’s Day treats.  There are 25 children in our class.  Please do not worry about individually addressing each treat/gift.  Have your child simply do something like this:


This will help save some time (and a little Valentine’s Day chaos).


Other Reminders:

  • Winter Break begins next week – February 19th – 23rd!  Do something fun!
  • Six Flags Reading logs are due soon!  You may turn them in before the break, but no later than February 26th, the Monday we return from break.
  • Please return all progress report receipts (the blue 1/2 sheets attached to your child’s progress report) by Monday, February 12th.
  • Friday is Dress Down Day!  Dress down for $1.
  • Spelling Test on Sort 11 will be this Tuesday!
  • There is a math test on Friday for “Comparing Fractions”.



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