Fabulous in 4th Grade

A Note from Mrs. Mungin…


Hello Parents,

It is with excitement that I let you know that we have started our Recorder Karate unit.  This is an ongoing until the end of 2017.  All students in 4th and 5th grades are required to play the recorder.  By now you should have all signed and returned a Recorder Karate letter with a rubric and objectives outlined for the unit.  Students are asked to practice six days for 15 minutes.  This is how your child’s grade will be determined for this nine weeks.  Failure to turn in practice logs and test recorder songs will result in a failing grade.  Therefore, your child always has homework which are practicing their Recorder Karate songs.

 Please help me assist your child with their music playing.  I know as a team the both of us can help your child achieve a level of playing that they will be very happy with. 

If you have questions, first please refer to parent letter in your child’s music folder and then email me if your question is not addressed in the letter.